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Group Discounts:

Discounts are available for 2 or more couples who sign up together for class. please contact Mariah for more information.




2.5 hours

A sensuous experience for couples to learn how to massage one another both sitting up and laying down. Enjoy a guided meditation followed by massage time as you learn some massage basics catered to couples.

Couples will learn:

  • Massage Therapy Basics
  • How to set the mood
  • 5 key strokes to use
  • How to use tempo and rhythm

What you get:

  • One bottle of cream or oil
  • 45 minutes each to practice the strokes in class
  • Coming in 2019: video support


What should I wear?

In all couples classes you should dress comfotably. We will be sitting on the floor or moving around a massage table.

For Embrace, women are encouraged to wear strappy tank tops that can be easily removed or pulled down.

You will want to have your back bare for several of the strokes lying down and shoulders bare for sitting strokes.

Your modesty is always taken seriously and draping is used throughout the massage.

Will there be other couples?

Embrace and the Barefoot Couples Class are open to 5 couples. Soul to sole can handle 10 couples.

Private Lessons are availble for $95 per hour.

Are there any contraindications?

Soul to Sole is the only class suitable for a pregnant partner. Classes are taught on the floor or sitting in a chair. Flexibilty to sit on the cushions on the floor is recomended.

Please reveiw any medications you or your partner are taking to see if massage is contrainidcated.

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