THE SPACE will be closed March 27- April 6.

I will be in Costa RIca and offline for most of the trip. If you are wanting to register for an April class, simply click the registration buttons below! 


Beginners Course


3 days- 24 CE hours
$ 670

Learn how to use your feet to provide a full body deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point work focused barefoot massage session.

Special attention to techniques applied on posterior aspects of the client's body, as your weight and natural gravitational forces are utilized to effortlessly maintain consistent pressure. While the work is focused primarily with the client prone, therapists will learn supine work as well.

This course is the starting point of barefoot massage while the client lies on the table and therapist uses overhead support.

Therapists will learn:

  • Theory of barefoot massage
  • Pedi-care
  • Contraindications and indications for barefoot massage
  • Appropriate body mechanics to save their body
  • Safe bar installation
  • How to use their feet to provide a massage with emphasis on deep tissue, myofasical release and trigger point work.
  • Strokes to create a barefoot massage sequence
  • How to market and incorporate barefoot massage into their practice

Therapists will practice on and receive feedback from:

  • Therapists in class
  • Instructor
  • Guest Clinets

If you have already learned ashiatsu and you want to add the FasciaAshi techniques consider our Converge classes.


Supine / Side Body

1.5 days- 12 CE hours

This intermediate class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to maintain long trigger point holds and deliver deep, gliding strokes to the anterior and lateral aspects of your client's body.

Supine and Side Body strokes will give you the tools to provide a comprehensive “feet-on” practice, giving you the ability to explore the strokes on

different clients in class, and you’ll awaken your feet’s potential to work in multi-faceted directions.

Barefoot massage uses your feet to provide a deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point focused barefoot massage session while holding onto overhead support as the client lies comfortably on a massage table.

The strokes designed are based on years of barefoot massage experience with the Authors’ personal clientele base and of other therapists.

Range Of Motion


2 days- 16 CE hours

Using Passive, Active and Resisted Range of Motion techniques Traditional Thai massage, this barefoot massage technique allows the Massage Therapist to stand on a massage table and maneuver clients limbs with their feet, while holding onto overhead support for balance and leverage. This helps a practitioner effortlessly maintain consistent pressure and leverage while providing deep point holds, or long fascial stretches.

A full body sequence is taught, and can be applied while the client wears loose clothing, or embedded into any barefoot massage session using secure draping while blending ROM with gliding movements along the client's skin.

Comprehensive “feet-on” practice will allow you to explore the strokes on different clients in class, and you’ll awaken your feet’s potential to intuitively “heel” and heal within a short period of time.

The strokes designed are based on years of barefoot massage experience with the Center for Barefoot Massage Instructors personal clientele base and of other therapists.



1 day- 8 CE hours

If you’ve already taken a live barefoot massage program using bars overhead, you may be eligible to take our other programs without taking our Fundamentals course first.

Our Converge class is a 1 day course for seasoned barefoot therapists wanting to up their game by learning the new strokes we’ve created. These are the same movements taught in our 3 day Fundamentals class.

  • The course must have been a minimum of 16 hours in a LIVE classroom setting with an instructor.

  • Submit proof of CEU’s (via scanned document or PDF)

  • Send us a video showing your strokes. We’ll send you info with specifics.

  • If you’re sufficiently skilled, you can take our courses.

  • If your skills are rusty or unrefined, we recommend either taking our full 3 day FasciAshi Fundamentals course or our 1 day review of the course - Revitalize.


    1 day- 0 CE hours $100

If you have already trained with us and just need a refresher Revitalize is the class for you.

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Why go barefoot?

  • Deliver deep sustained pressure with less wear and tear on your body.
  • Stand out in the massage industry by offering a service that is as effective as it is unique.
  • Enjoy a sense of renewed creativity in your work