1 day-  8 hours

$  224

If you’ve already taken a live barefoot massage program using bars overhead, you may be eligible to take our other programs without taking our Fundamentals course first.


Our Converge class is a 1 day course for seasoned barefoot therapists wanting to up their game by learning the new strokes we’ve created. These are the same movements taught in our 3 day Fundamentals class.


  • The course must have been a minimum of 16 hours in a LIVE classroom setting with an instructor.
  • Submit proof of CEU’s (via scanned document or PDF)
  • Send us a video showing your strokes. We’ll send you info with specifics.
  • If you’re sufficiently skilled, you can take our courses.
  • If your skills are rusty or unrefined, we recommend either taking our full 3 day FasciAshi Fundamentals course or our 1 day review of the course - Revitalize.


All of our graduates will receive lifetime access to our Graduate Membership Site