Massage Services & Membership:


Cancellations made without 24 hours notice will be billed a $45 cancellation fee if I am able to fill part of the time, or the full amount if I am unable to fill any part of your spot.

Cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice will not be billed.

Cancellations can be made by emailing, calling or texting me directly or through your genbook confirmation email you received when booking.


No Shows:

No shows suck. When you don't show up, you leave me hanging and it takes up a space that someone else would've gladly filled. Your tie is important and so is mine so I have a strict no show policy. You will be charged the full session price. Members will forfeit their massage.


You may cancel your membership at anytime but I ask that you give at least 30 days notice.

You may treat a friend once a month at your discounted rate

Your account will be canceled after 2 months of inactivity but your massages will be available when you are ready for them.

Membership spots are limited so if you are canceled there is no guarantee you will get back in. To avoid cancellation you may send a friend in to enjoy your paid massage if you aren't able to come in for more than 2 months.

Your membership does not include gratuity so if you'd like to add that you'll just have to bring it along to your appointment.

Cancellations always require 24 hours notice. If you fail to show up for your scheduled massage time, you will forfeit your massage. 


There are no refunds on massage services rendered.

Gift Certificates, Packages or paid memberships may be transferred but not redeemed for cash and no refund will be issued

If you purchased a gift certificate during a special promotion that has ended, your funds may still be applicable to your massage session and you will be responsible for any remaining balance.

If you have registered for an Ashiatsu Training Course and are unable to attend, you may transfer your funds to a future date for a $75 fee if you reschedule within 2 weeks of the course you are scheduled to attend.
If class is rescheduled or cancelled on my end, you will receive a full refund or the opportunity to forward your funds at no additional charge to a future class.


(This section refers to public Classes. Ashiatsu Classes have specific policies listed below)

Member Discounts:

Members receive 10% off on all classes offered by Mariah Neeson at THE SPACE unless otherwise noted.


If a class is cancelled due to an error on my part or due to low enrollment, all funds are eligible for refund or to be rolled over to the next class.

Refunds will not be issued for classes you choose to drop out of. Depending on the circumstances (medical emergencies or similar), funds may be rolled over to a future date or transferred to another person. If you do not show up for a class you have paid for, you will not be eligible to roll your funds over to another class, nor will you be eligible for a refund. 

Classes taught by an outside instructor are subject to that instructors policies regarding refunds and cancellations.


If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment I will notify within 72 hours. Classes held by other instructors may have a different time frame and will require you check in with that instructor first.

If you are cancelling, please see "Refunds" directly above.

Ashiatsu Workshops

Why Spokane?!:


Spokane is a beautiful little city with, music venues, good food and a lovely riverfront park with trails to walk along the river and enjoy the waterfalls and foot bridges spanning the downtown area.

All of that is pretty amazing in and of itself, but one thing Ilove about Spokane is that it's EASY! I call our traffic "starter traffic", it's sort of like kindergarten for real traffic, it's cute. 

Our airport is small and simple to navigate, no buses from one terminal to the next, no massive TSA lines, none a that.

Parking is readily available and hotels are cheaper then you'll find in the bigger locations. If you want more, go to VisitSpokane.com

Cancellations & Refunds:

Non-Refundable deposits are required to hold your space in class. Your deposit will not be refunded should you cancel out of your selected workshop dates. Only in the event of proper documentation of injury, pregnancy, death in the immediate family, or weather prohibiting travel will your deposit be allowed to be rolled over to a workshop at a later date. This special consideration will be allowed one time only by the discretion of the Ashiatsu instructor.


If you have other circumstances besides those listed above, you may roll your tuition over to the next Ashiatsu course offered at a later date by Mariah Neeson, by giving at least 15 days notice and paying a $75 fee per class that you wish to roll over. Any notice less than 15 days is not eligible for rollover - unless the situation can be documented as mentioned above (injury, death in the immediate family, or weather prohibiting travel.)

THE SPACE/ Mariah Neeson will happily refund all money for any cancelled seminars due to our responsibility - such as if the class minimum enrollment requirements are not met. We reserve the right to cancel class 2 weeks prior to the event should there not be enough interest and minimums not met – for Barefoot Basics, Anterior/Sidelying & Ashi-Thai classes in Spokane, Class minimum is 4 students.

If registration is low enough for the instructor to choose to cancel class, you will be notified by phone 2 weeks prior to the scheduled dates. At such time, students can choose:
A) If they would like a 100% refund.
B) Roll your deposit over to the next listed class with no penalty

We do not recommend that you book airfare until you have confirmed with the instructor that your selected class has met the minimum enrollment requirements and will not be cancelled.

What to bring:


3* fitted sheets. Snug fit so your feet don't get tangled in the sheets as you move around the table
3* flat sheets
3 face cradles or pillow cases f that's how you roll
6 hand towels
2 King Size pillow cases. KING SIZE, I mean it. You'll see when you get here.
Oil, lotion OR cream, whatever you are most comfortable with. A holster is super duper helpful too. I will have some oils and cream for you to try as well.

* you are welcome to use ONE set of sheets for yourself for both days of class. This means you will only need to bring TWO fitted and TWO flats to class. The second set is for your guest clients on the final day of class. You must have a fresh clean set for the guest clients. You may also rent linens for $10 per day


Visiting Instructors/Speakers

I'm so excited to have you here! THE SPACE aims to be the place people come to shift their perspectives, learn new tricks and live an extraordinary life. If you have a class you would like to teach, please contact me and let me know.
The below policies are put into affect to make sure we are all clear from the very start and eliminate any chance for confusion along the way. Please take a moment to read through and let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Rates & Marketing:

If you have a class you would like to teach at THE SPACE, the fee is just 25% + 1 FREE class pass. The class pass may be used by Mariah Neeson to take the class, gift to someone else interested in the class, or in the event of low enrollment, to be used for incentive for registration.

Your class will be listed on the website in the Class Calendar on the facebook page and in a monthly newsletter that I send out. I will market the class to people I know within the industry and do my best to fill your class. I do expect you to market the class as well.

I will collect all class fund and notify you as students sign up. You will receive a check for the class, minus the 25% fee, when you arrive.

If class has not met it's enrollment minimum 1 week prior to class, it will be cancelled.


I expect you to market the class and do your best to get the class filled as well. I will not spend any money on advertising for this class, including facebook ads or boosts. If you would like to boost a post or an ad on my facebook page, we can agree on a price and that money can come out of the class funds. I rarely spend more than $10-15 on a boosted post if that interests you.

I expect you to contact students after they've registered to let them know that you have received their registration and any info needed prior to the class. You are also responsible for contacting students, at least 1 week prior,  in the event that class is cancelled due to low enrollment, I will be able to easily refund their money through paypal at that time.

Minimum enrollment required will be discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to setting up class.

I expect you to treat each student with respect, I'm working hard to make THE SPACE a place people want to come to for classes and education. When you are teaching at THE SPACE you are also representing THE SPACE to a degree and I expect that THE SPACE, the students and myself will feel respected and happy to be working with you. 


If you are planning to cancel a class for any reason other than death in the family, documented illness or weather I require a minimum of 15 days notice. Cancellations made less than 15 days prior will be billed for any expenses I incur due to this cancellation, starting at a minimum of $75.