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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is the massage you've been craving. Every bit relaxing as it is deep.

At THE SPACE it is our mission to change the way you experience massage. Either through receiving an amazing massage session or learning how to massage your partner.

Mariah Neeson is a skilled practitioner, offering uptwo decades of hands on experience and nearly a decade of foot on experience. Her passion for barefoot massage helped to secure her spot as the Inland Northwests Ashiatsu Training Instructor.

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Using overhead support for balance, your massage therapist will massage your body from neck to toe with her feet. The broad surface of the foot contours and melts into your soft tissue while gravity and downward pressure create that deep tissue massage your body craves.  This massage is as therapeutic as it is deeply relaxing. Schedule today to discover the barefoot difference.

Ashi Thai

Assisted stretching.

Couples Massage Class

A class to bring you and your partner closer together

Ashiatsu Training

Learn to give the best massage ever and stand out as a barefoot massage therapist.




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1997-1998 Massage School at Inland Massage Institute here in Spokane, WA

2000-2007 Stopped and started several massage businesses. Turns out I loved making business cards more than building a client base, it takes a lot of work ya know! . *I still love designing my websites and cards. If I had kept pictures of all of it, I could have a full designers portfolio by now!

2007 Got down to business. Opened a real massage practice with real cards, (they still changed frequently) real clients, a website and all that

2009 Ashiatsu training Barefoot Basics and Anterior Side Lying

2011 Ashiatsu Advanced training and Ashi Thai

2012 Transformational Life Coaching School in Seattle

2012- 2014 B-School and several other online women's business building groups.

2014 Took a huge unplanned leap and leased the office that I now lovingly call, THE SPACE.

2015 Granted the much coveted position as one of only 12 Ashiatsu instructors nationwide.