yes! We can feel with our feet!!

Barefoot Massage is deeper and smoother than traditional forms of deep tissue massage. It’s both relaxing and therapeutic bridging the space between both worlds.


Meet the team

 WA license # MA00014435

WA license # MA00014435

mariah neeson

Mariah completed her massage training in 1998 and dedicated her practice to barefoot massage after her first class in 2009.

“It has always been my belief that massage can be both therapeutic and relaxing. I’ve found that barefoot massage is the perfect combination of these two client goals.” -Mariah Neeson

Mariah loves the work she does, from providing excellent massage services to her clients, to teaching LMTs how to use their feet to deliver a massage that is as effective as it is unique, as well as developing and teaching couples massage classes.

Mariah offers both Ashiatsu and Range Of Motion

  • 60 minutes: $95 non-members / $75 members

  • 75 minutes: $105 non-members / $85 members

  • 90 minutes: $125 non-members / $105 members

Adriane Allred

Adriane is a graduate of Utah College of Massage Therapy and is working on certification with Mariah Neeson through the Center for Barefoot massage. Adriane feels that bodywork and nutrition together play an important role in a person's over all well-being.

She has a background in many different modalities, some of her favorites are Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Cranial Sacral therapy and now Ashiatsu! Her goal in each session is to facilitate healing and assist in awareness towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Adriane is already passionate about barefoot massage and is excited to become an expert FasciAshi Therapist.

Adraine offers Ashiatsu

  • 60 minutes: $70

  • 75 minutes: $82

  • 90 minutes: $95

 WA license # MA 60789998

WA license # MA 60789998



Membership is a simple way for you to commit to your wellness without breaking the bank.

  • Each month your account will be automatically charged and you'll know you have a massage waiting for you.

  • Enjoy unlimited massage for yourself at your VIP rate:

    • You'll be billed for one massage each month, but you don't have to stop there!

    • Every massage you book for yourself will be at your special members only rate, just pay at the time of service for any additional massages you enjoy during the month.

  • Purchase 1 gift certificate per month at your discounted rate.

  • Your partner or spouse can always enjoy your member rate at no extra cost and no need for them to also sign up for membership.

  • Can't make it in one month? Don't worry your massage remains on file for you for up to 12 months.

NOTE: when you sign up your first payment will be billed automatically so you can get started enjoying your VIP status immediately.


good to know...


  • Your account will be canceled after 2-3 months of inactivity (I don't want a long list of IOU's), your massages will be available when you are ready for them. Up to 1 year. After one year, your massage will expire, so get in and use them up!
  • Membership spots are limited so if you are canceled there is no guarantee you will get back in. To avoid cancellation you may send a friend in to enjoy your paid massage if you aren't able to come in for more than 2 months.
  • You may cancel your membership at anytime but I ask that you give at least 30 days notice.
  • Memberships cancelled within the first 60 days will be billed for remaining balance on massage sessions received. You will forfeit your eligibility for member only rates. (In short, don't sign up just to get a one time discount then bail.)
  • You may treat a friend once a month at your discounted rate (silver and gold members only).
  • Your membership does not include gratuity so if you'd like to add that you'll just have to bring it along to your appointment.
  • Cancellations always require 24 hours notice. If you fail to show up for your scheduled massage time, you will forfeit your massage or be billed the full price. No shows will not be tolerated.


Massage therapy is healing and beneficial to your health in many ways, but it is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a doctor for any disease or illness either physical or mental.

Massage is provided for the purpose of relieving stress and muscular tension. It is your responsibility to immediately inform your massage therapist if you experience any pain or discomfort during your massage session so that the massage therapist may change his/her strokes and pressure accordingly.

Massage is not a substitute for any medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Massage therapist are not qualified to perform adjustments or treat any physical or mental illness and nothing said in the course of a massage session should be considered as such.

Massage should not be performed under certain medical conditions. You affirm that you have stated all known medical conditions honestly before receiving your massage session and you agree to keep the practitioner informed of any changes to your medical profile. There will be no liability on the practitioners part if you fail to do so.

Any and all illicit sexual advances will result in the immediate termination of your visit and you will be liable for full payment of the scheduled session.

You agree to honor the 24 hour cancellation policy and pay the full amount of services scheduled that are cancelled without 24 hours notice.