Ashiatsu Training in Spokane

Ashiatsu training spokane.jpg

Yesterday I received 24 extra long eye bolts in the mail. Eye bolts for setting up 4 stations to teach loads of other LMPs how to do Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.

- I have dreams of an Ashiatsu Massage world domination.

I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been chanting the mantra “ I want to teach. I want to teach. I want to teach. “. I’ve tried too. Different things and I loved them in each in their way but I never loved the subject matter so it didn’t last.

This time I also love the subject.

Ashiatsu is a beautiful dance that’s therapeutic for both the giver and the receiver. It’s creative and fits in with my tendency to not do things the way everyone else does things (although I plan to make this the thing everyone else is also doing 😉. )

So today I want to celebrate! I’m celebrating the waiting and the arrival. Celebrating the days to come.  The ups and the downs and most of all celebrating shared experience.

I know we’ve all been there. Waiting for something to come along.  Working all the while but never really knowing.  Living in faith that it will get to us if we just refuse to give up.

So here’s to you. To me. To perserverance and faith.  To self resilience and beauty. To all the things that build you up and set your world on fire in the best way.

And here’s to my (very late) discovery of mobile posting. May it offer you endless blog posts now that I can post where I post best- on the go.