Get the most out of class with note taking

At the Center for Barefoot Massage, all of our manuals are designed with space for notes. Note taking moves you from a passive to an active learner and allows you to better absorb and retain the information you’ll be processing during class.

massage class notes cbm.png

Note Taking + tips to do it better.

1. How it works:

First off, note-taking requires effort so it feels like something we just don’t want to do, but the very act of taking the notes helps to form new pathways in your brain which increases the likely hood it will be stored in your long-term memory.

Notes taken via words or pictures or even better, both, will be super beneficial for your long term memory of the material as well as giving you something in your own words to look back on after class.

2. Don’t Skimp.

Don’t be tempted to shorthand your notes or get lazy with them. It’s better for your retention if you write as much as possible. Take it all in and write it all down. You never know what little tid-bit will stir your memory when you get back to your office ready to practice.

3. Taking notes takes practice.

Note taking is a skill and I know you are pressed for time, so I will leave you with a video to check out, as well as a link to a frequently used system called Cornell Notes . I’ve also added a video that explains a technique called sketchnoting that includes adding images to your notes. Which brings us to our 4th and final tip:


Adding images to your words helps to increase your retention.


I hope this helps you to better retain all the info you learn in class to help you become the best barefoot massage therapist you can be!

See you in class!