Maintaining A Beginners Mind

I want to take a minute to talk about having a “beginners mind” with a splash of “remember your scope of practice”

barefoot massage passion .jpg

As a massage therapist of 20 years I strive to always be learning. To never feel like I have arrived. That somehow time has made me better than I am.

I have, without a doubt gotten better and better with each year of practice, but I would attribute a lot of that to always wanting to learn more to never being closed off, or to feeling too experienced to try something new, to be the student again and again.

The minute we declare ourselves too good for a class or a new learning opportunity, we have cut ourselves off from growth.

I recently had a call with a potential student (a massage therapist) who declared that, due to her time in practice and extensive training in a particular area she was "practically a PT". She declared that beginners classes (my beginners barefoot massage class) were beneath her because of her status and education level.

Of course, I explained that this class is required to begin her barefoot massage career since she does not know how to work with her feet, but what stuck with me was this strong egoic reaction to learning.

If we are stuck needing to defend our education and our status as superior, how can we ever learn to be great?

How would she respond if an actual PT called her out? Would she maintain her point, or would she be able to soften and allow new information in?

As massage therapists, we are NOT PTs and can not claim to be. We are not nutritionist, chiropractors, or counselors. We are massage therapists. 

It is so important that we are aware of our scope of practice and stick to it. Create a network of people you can refer to for things outside of your scope.

and by all means... keep learning. Stay open to learning. Stay open to changes in the science behind massage therapy. Stay open to your own evolution and stay open to being wrong.

It happens and if we are open to it, we can grow from it.

Passion led you here. Passion will continue to guide you if you can remain open to what comes.

Always continue learning.


I'd love to hear form you. How do you maintain a beginners mind?