Self Love Saturday: an open letter to my legs

love your legs.jpg

Dear Legs,

You rock. you climb, you carry, you dance and you play. Without you I couldn't play tag, hike, cycle or any of the things I love to do.

Yet I've spent a good many years disliking you for one reason or another and just when I thought we had fallen in love, I started finding fault in you again.

The fact is though, you are beautiful. You are strong and I wouldn't be me without you.

So, I declare now and forever my undying love for you. For you and all of my disapproved and unloved body parts, I love you! I adore you! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

With Love and Gratitude,


What parts of you have you been hiding or hating on?

Now its YOUR turn. What pieces of you have you been hating on. Send them love, lots of it, It's time.