3 Self Care tips


So, this week I thought I would tell you what membership is and give you a few self care tips you can practice in between massages.
First, I have a confession to make:


I am terrible at self care.
Or...  at least I have been.

The last 2 years have been full of some of the hardest adulting I had yet to experience.

Self care has taken a back seat, and I was suffering for it.

I was really neglecting my own needs. Even just this week, I had a full day to work or do whatever I wanted. I had cleaned my house, fed my children, got them to school on time and create an ad for a class I am teaching next month.

All before 930 am!
Then I started feeling anxious. I didn't feel driven to complete the other tasks on my to do list and I couldn't figure out what else to do.

I was kicking myself. I was wasting time. I thought I should take the dog for a walk but that seemed to be outside of my work goals, felt like it was me shirking my responsibilities and just playing. So, I kept kicking myself while I cleaned some more.

Then, finally, I decided to go for a walk.

It was glorious!
The weather is perfect and I live in near a beautiful park.

All of a sudden I could see how much I had already achieved and I reminded myself that I am exactly where I need to be. Right now.

Then I came home, refreshed and inspired to complete my original goals for the day.
Self care works!

That is my extremely long segway into the 3 self care tips today. Thanks for stickin' with me.


  1. Breathe. I know you already do this right? Try doing it on purpose. Spend 2-5 minutes focusing on your breath, feel if your mood, mind or body change as you do.

  2. Take a walk. Just around the block if that's all it takes. Allow yourself this. Even if you walk down the street and back, taking the time to get some fresh air and a little movement in your body can change everything. and don't forget to Breathe!

  3. Remind yourself that you are right where you need to be. Adjust your perspective until you can see that and see what opens up for you.

Most importantly, do it all with intention or maybe just curiosity. Be curious to see where the breath takes you, how a walk can change your mindset or a few words can change your perspective and your day.

If you liked these self care tips, share it with a friend or let me know how you #selfcare, just reply to this email. I love hearing from you.


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Membership in a nutshell:
When you sign up for membership you are committing to yourself to enjoy (at least) one massage every month. Your bank account will be auto deducted the discounted rate one time per month. You may choose to get more than one massage per month, you will simply pay (again, the discounted rate) at the time of service.

*Unused massages will expire one year from purchase date.