Who do you think you are?


Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?!

Who do you think you are?!

Who are you to lead the charge, to start the game, to host the party? Who are you to make something no one has ever made before? Who are you to follow your dreams? Who are you to feel beautiful, sensual and alive?

If you have ever had an idea, a desire, a goal, a dream

If you've ever dared

you've heard the voice in the back of your head saying some form of the "who are you" incantation.

It beats you down until you believe it. It charms you into believing that it wasn't that cool of an idea anyhow, and that it's no big deal to let it go. Fitting in is far more glamorous.

So you do.

You drop it, you move one, you let it go...

or do you?

Then months later it comes back, begging for you to take notice, to take up a new war cry of JUST DO IT. Begging you to rise up and scream that you are you and you ARE going to take the leap.

Do you stuff it away again?


Re-frame the question

What if the question "Who are you?" becomes you're friend? What if instead of encouraging you to give up, it's asking you to stand up and declare yourself?

First, feel what it feels like to give up.

Imagine yourself stuffing that dream, imagine the deep resigning sigh you take when you push it down and accept the norm as the best it ever gets. Feel the way your chest hollows out and your shoulders slump forward. Feel the tension in your back and the weight on your shoulders.

Tell me that this feeling, repeated over and over as you stuff away your deepest desires, doesn't begin to have a real palpable effect on your physical body.

My story

In 2014 when I first signed my lease on THE SPACE, I spent the next 12 months asking myself "what am I doing, what am I doing, what am I doing?!"

Until one day, a voice deep inside of me rose up and shouted, "You're following your dream!"

That didn't silent my nagging "what am I doing?" voice, but it definitely gave me an answer to fall back on.

Now, my desire that keeps coming back is a dream to talk to you about your Mind Body Connection, to talk about how your thoughts affect your body and your life in a very real way. To realize your deepest desires with you, to see you become fully alive and turned on in your life.

It's this sort of dream that gets my "who am I voice." ramped up and shouting at me.

Loads of people talk about the mind body connection, so who am I? There's nothing new for me to tell you, so who am I? 

I am going to answer that call and rise up to the question. I want to fulfill the dream I have had for THE SPACE. I want to talk about that voice inside your head and what happens when we ignore that voice. what happens in our lives as well as our bodies.

I can feel my fingers asking me to stop typing as I lay down every letter on the keyboard even now. Questioning, "Who are you"


Who am I?

Answer the call with this simple exercise...

It's really a beautiful question if you can see it as such and not as a taunt.

What if, "Who am I?" is not pushing you down, it's begging you to stand up tall and declare who you are?


The Exercise:

Just the facts.

List out who you are on paper.

Your name

Your age

Your height & weight

your marital status and # of children

your occupation

Keep to the facts


Imagine someone else reading it.

Someone who doesn't know you at all.

They aren't even looking at you.

Only the list.

Imagine they hold they key to that thing you deeply truly desire and all they have to go on is this list.


Begin to notice, just notice, the voice that feels indignant, the one that says, "I'm more than just these things!"

Allow her to answer the question,

"Who do you think you are?"

"Who ARE you?"

What does she want to add to the list of only facts, that list that can't possibly sum up the whole of who she is?



Set a timer for 3 minutes and let her lose.

Let her fly out of you and onto paper. Let this voice come out and declare herself to be all of the things she truly is. Allow her to emerge.

Just write down everything that comes to mind, don't judge it, don't question it. Just write it out until the timer goes off.

Now tell me in the comments below,

Who are YOU?





ps.  For me, sometimes the who I am is a feeling and isn't something I can verbalize yet, if this is the same for you, then feel into that and lock onto it by attaching it to some visual aid that you can return to, a scene, a stone, a stick, whatever, just something you can look at to recall the feeling. Then walk towards it, even in the dark,  and have faith you will get there and watch yourself unfold as you take the journey towards who you are.