Have you ever wanted to start something but didn't know how?

Lately, I have been wanting to meditate. To really focus on it. To make it matter, to hold myself accountable.

When I first opened THE SPACE I knew deeply that if I wanted to accomplish all that I set out to accomplish and to infuse the intention that I desired into those accomplishments, I would have to be on my game.



In the past month my life has broken open and opened up in ways that beg me to return to those deeper desires.

Then I saw #the100dayproject and I took a leap.

Today is the 21st day of meditation for me and it's going really really well. I am up to 17 minutes of silent and sometimes guided meditation and looking forward to the next 79 days.

Wanna try it with me?
I will be adding some of my experiences here from time to time but mostly, find me over no instagram @mariahneeson 


See you there!