The Deep Tissue Massage Your Body Craves

If you are tired of being walked on in life, then you haven’t tried Ashiatsu barefoot massage.

Using bars overhead for support and balance, a trained massage therapist will use her feet to deliver deep sustained pressure over the length of your body. Gravity assists the therapist in her work, creating a deep, yet diffused massage that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated

This unique technique creates a downward pressure that slowly and deeply pulls, stretches and releases the soft tissue and fascia leaving your body feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

The deep and fluid strokes relax your muscles and mind in ways not easily achievable through traditional massage. The broad surface of the foot, accompanied with downward pressure and slow rhythmic movements, activates the autonomic nervous system for greater relaxation. This technique creates an effective deep tissue massage your body welcomes.

The practice has a long history, but is recently being innovated by Ashiatsu Instructors and practitioners who are continually discovering new ways to use their feet to alleviate their clients pain and effect structural change.

Ashiatsu is not only focussed on the technical aspects of massage therapy, but places a heavy emphasis on the clients experience. The graceful dance-like movements can induce a meditative state for both client and therapist.

These unique qualities attracted me to Ashiatsu in 2009. Shortly after, I converted all of my clients to barefoot only work and began teaching this technique to other massage therapists in 2015.

As an instructor, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing growth of this technique with other leaders in barefoot massage. As a therapist I enjoy seeing the transformations that take place after clients receive ashiatsu.

What are you waiting you for? Get off your feet and under mine.


Mariah Neeson has been practicing massage since 1998. After training in Ashiatsu Barefoot Masage in 2009, she advanced through all of the levels of training and quickly converted her clientele to barefoot massage only. After beginning teaching the art in 2015 Mariah's skills and passion for the barefoot massage world only continue to grow. You can find Mariah on Instagram @thespace.spokane or at